For years, I avoided writing this non-fiction book, Living Beyond Nightfall’, because it resurrected the darkest, most difficult memories that spanned over five years of my livelihood, but had a life altering impact. Writing this book came about after receiving many requests from my faithful followers that sounded off daily in my head like a migraine that would not go away. My first attempt to pen my thoughts to this book was one despicable mess. I didn’t know how I was going to frame this book. Many nights, I sat up in my bed – when the house was quiet and could feel my heart raging within me as I cry in silence over the dark cloud of austerity that is placed on so many other unknown journeys in search of peace after a season of cruel and intentional injustice. With even more discontentment, I began to reflect back over the five vanished years of my livelihood and that of my family for alleged charges that total fewer than one thousand dollars. During this implausible journey I questioned myself daily as to why there are so much jealousy, competitiveness, in-fighting, and unwillingness to support one another within our own culture which keeps us from moving forward? A silent moment ensued. I felt inadequate, alone, venerable and naked in a world of iniquity. 

With cold tears escaping my eyelids, it was terribly hard at that time to forgive and forget. What they had accused me of went beyond forgiveness. My four boys were my lifesaver. Wow…I don’t know if I could have successfully penned this book without the unconditional love from my children and forgiveness – the greater of these being forgiveness. To rake through coals of my past and relive those moments and weeks and days and months and years would have been a travesty had I not been made whole through forgiveness. My decision to accept this opportunity to give something back to my community made it possible me to become a more spiritual and stronger confident woman and mother. There’s no earthly success, no career ambition or cyberspace intelligence that can measure up to God’s dynasty which awaits us ‘Beyond The Nightfall’, especially when you know that someone’s life outside of your own was changed through your struggles.